Thursday, February 11, 2010

usa sevens

well, we are off to vegas this weekend. february it's quite the traveling month for us, we'll be gone more than we'll be home.
this is what we are going to see. and we can't WAIT!

5 sweet thoughts:

Jess and Matt said...

how fun. rugby is so crazy. i don't know how people survive it--and i have no idea how you survived watching grant play. it's awesome though. have so much fun. oh, and i cried looking at the pictures in your last post. my favorite was the one with the little ones playing with your hair....perfect. i can't imagine how wonderful, heartbreaking, and life-changing that trip was. wow. i am excited to hear much more about it. you are beautiful inside and out.

Courtney and Hyrum said...

cannot believe that you got the opportunity to go to haiti! I wish I would have seen your post earlier to be able to donate. amazing. you are beautiful.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

see ya when you get back?

the hopkins said...

Hope you guys had fun in Vegas!

I loooooove love the post below. Oh my goodness the pictures are so beautiful! And those children, it breaks my heart that they've been through so much. I couldn't help but tear up looking at those pictures. It's just crazy that there were all these pictures of the people in Haiti... and now you guys are in the pictures! I am so excited to hear your stories :) I am so glad you went.

Alix said...

Oh vegas! Are you guys back yet? I didn't see you! But, that's ok, maybe it's better that you don't see co-workers on vacataion... :) I hope you guys had fun... I sure did!