Monday, January 4, 2010

she looked beautiful

this past saturday we spent our day in slc for a wedding. one of grant's best friends megan got married. the whole day was just beautiful. i love megan so much and even though i know her through grant, i feel like i've known her for years. she is just so special. and i think that special is actually a perfect word to describe her. so so genuine and makes every conversation about the person she is talking to (even on her own wedding day). i think seeing a couple come out of the temple doors as husband and wife is one of the happiest things. oh, it just fills my heart with so much joy!!! her and joey are so perfect together. it was good seeing so many of grant's friends, i feel like i just love everything about where he is from (in california).  we spent our time at the reception holding adorable jack, grant's friend- dave duffin's little boy (hopefully that made sense). i think i'm gonna start counting how many times we get asked in a week, when we are having kids. it really is a weekly almost daily occurrence. the last few times we've been asked i have responded with "never" but i think i am the only one that thinks that is funny.

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Anonymous said...

the pics don't look cut off to me! i love them! aww.. grant looks so natural with a baby! you guys are going to be awesome parents someday. someday being the key word :) have fun cleaning!!

Michael & Mindy said...

I know what you mean. I used to hate when people asked and would always say never. I was like 12 weeks along and was still saying that because we hadn't told our fams yet. I am excited for when you have kids, but no pressure from me :)

Traci Barnes said...

I admire Megan as well. Her older sister, Amber, lived with an aunt and uncle for a shcool year many years ago when we were all in Anitoch. I was the YW Pres. so got to know her well. I have felt like I have known her whole family ever since then. Horray for Megan! PS I haven't asked about grandchildren... you just tell people you will have them when you are ready!

Kyle and Nicky said...

I can't stand when people ask us when we are having kids, so I understand your humor in saying never. By the way, I love your pink coat! Hope all is well!

We ♥ Life said...

Wow I feel sooooo behind!! Lots of great updates Britt :) Weddings really are so much fun to go to, what a happy cute couple they are! I love you coat and skirt, so cute.
Grant, CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment. And what a fun celebration the two of you had!
Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas, and a fun time sledding with your family. Those pictures are so fun. And ya, I figured we would both be busy with our families while we were down there, but next time we're in town you know we want to hang out with you two ;) Now that the holidays are over and things are calming down.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

what a beautiful bride! i am glad you had a great time. that little boy is adorable!
i think the "never" comment is funny. seriously you should keep a tally.
thank you for the sweet comments! you are so kind. we got the towels at target, they are AMAZING!
see you soon!

Andrea said...

Those baby questions never end even after you have your first. About 18 months after we had Kaylee the "when are you going to have another one?" started and now that Presley is 2 I get asked it a lot. I just laugh and tell them I have all I can handle for now.....although you two will have adorable babies when the time is right :)

Summer said...

I'm kinda stuck on that MOST fabulous pink jacket. Ahhhhmazing.