Friday, January 29, 2010

"he doesn't know english so he sings the sounds he hears"

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Michael & Mindy said...

Oh my heck. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. So glad you shared it! How do you always find such cute/good stuff??

David and Shalynna said...

Yes, I love this. Have you seen the little Asian boy singing Hey Jude? Love them both. Love Asians.

Thanks for letting David come with you guys. He is so excited. I'm scared to stay home alone, should Oliver and I just come too?

lehi + sasha said...

awe. this is too precious.
i love asian babies.

i think i like this one more than the chinese boy that sings "hey jude".

oh, LOVE!

Caitlin said...

Never mind he can't speak english. That little kid can play a ukulele like an a adult! I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being some kind of guitar protege!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

how cute! i love his singing.
Jamo just got a uke for his birthday today, he loves it.

i forgot to mention HOW EXCITED I AM FOR YOUR FLOWERS....i was SO happy when i read that in the comm log. YES! YAY!

i forgot to comment on your one republic post. yes, in love with the music video. we should have a party like that. wouldn't that be awesome!!!??

xoxoKrysten said...

How cute is that!?

ChloƩ said...

Aww! how cute is that little boy!! sean and i just watched this and were dying! he is so cute..and thanks so much for sending me that link about the elephants i love it! made my day :) i hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend, and that you had fun at the fictionist concert!

Alix said...

haha i love this! Thank you! :)

beckie. said...

haha I have watched this a million times on youtube, he is sooo cute!! And I would die to be able to play like that!

lehi + sasha said...


you are beyond brilliant!
i didn't think about that.

i will muster up the courage and ask her next time.

seriously though? i'm still uber pisse.

Toni S. Cook said...

Just connected to your blog through my cousin Truly Brady, who I know is really trying to help gather supplies for your trip. I think it's amazing what you guys are doing. Anyway thank YOU for providing us with this opportunity. We'll be dropping off stuff at Truly's today!

p.s. I'm actually a friend of Grant's from way back during the King Henry years, and your blog is fabulous.

britt said...

hey there!
thanks so much for YOUR sweet comments!
so, my green shoes were from forever young shoes, so could have been donated by some provo-ite to the platos loveliness. and my friends dress is from zumiez. same story. but isnt platos fabulous? thanks for stopping by! im excited for our newfound friendship! and seriously that pic of you two is darling! i love the VS bag! too cute.

Anonymous said...

aww, this is funny you guys. which by the way it is so nice to come across your blog. your blog is cute, funny and loving. it is why i decided to click on your link while reading Chloe's before being on She's Getting Married's blog. but getting back to you guys. i say it is amazing how you two have decided to visit and lend your help to those in Haiti. i think if i could i would do it to. so i thank you both and ask God to bless your hearts for doing so. wish you safe and hearts content return.

this little kid is just too cute and adorable. amazing guitar skills, i don't mind his blah-blah in singing. hope you don't mind me posting this in my own blog. i hope it brings happy smiles and laughter to my readers as it did for me.


Ani / AnaAlicia said...

wow i love him!