Thursday, December 3, 2009

it was a happy thanksgiving

we spent thanksgiving with the barnes family this year. we did 2 days with grant's mom Leisa and 2 days with ALL of the barnes. it was so fun to be with everyone and get some good family time in. we were with jordan (grant's brother) and christine (jordan's fiance) the whole time and so that was nice. we never see them. christine is the coolest girl and i'm so happy that she will soon be my sis-in-law. i love california more and more each time i visit. it was so beautiful there, i love driving the southern route through south lake tahoe. i would imagine that is what heaven looks like.

the turkey bowl was fun to watch with all the cousins.
i obviously couldn't get enough of luke's football attire.

i spy three three barnes' brothers.

who knew caleb was a dancer?

blue; jordan and christine's. such a good dog.

the barnes' clan.

so full from the delicious food. we couldn't move, isn't that how everyone feels on thanksgiving?

this is grant sitting on santa's lap.

this is santa not liking it.

thanksgiving night we all sat around grandma barnes while she told us stories about her amazing life.
she surprised everyone with gifts, her generosity brought me to tears.

afterwards there were lots and lots of pies waiting for us.

the next day we headed over to "pump it up". it was sooooooo fun.
this was really just where everyone beat each other up.
we had a huge relay race and even the adults joined in.

someone is a bit tuckered out!

oh that tongue...

this picture describes my father-in-law perfectly.

gorilla man luke.

way to go grammy!

jordan and leisa. jordan finished the continental divide hike this past august. which took him four months hiking over 3,000 miles. the continental divide trail starts in mexico and goes to canada. that means up at sunlight and hiking til after dark most days. basically it's like walking a marathon every day for four months straight. up and down mountains. and ya that means he eats and sleeps in the mountains too.

luke says the darndest things.

this is how my mother-in-law takes care of me.

she lives on a lake. i love her little deck, surrounded with lights and just so peaceful.

so we were all playing rummikub when we started smelling this nasty smell. jordan yelled "who is burning their hair?" we look over and mel (family cat of 10 years) was on the cupboard eating brownies... NOT realizing that his fur was burning in the candle. so he was on fire... and he didn't even know it! it was hilarious.

family picture!

it was a great trip! can't wait to see everyone again!

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David and Shalynna said...

Awesome photos! I love the ones of the guys playing football. Don't you love natural light?

So, this was such a fun post to read. The picture of Grant on "Santa's" lap was hilarious. His mom is gorgeous. I remember hearing about his mountain man brother. That's crazy that he hiked for that long and that far. The cat story was hilarious too. Abby will probably cry when she reads it since she is a cat lady now. :)

I just fed the baby and can't fall asleep so I am blogging. I love when you update.

Tell Grant thanks for taking David to school tomorrow. I'll make David bring him a treat so it's more of a trade and not a favor. You know me! :)

Romney Family said...

How fun!! looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!! It is so great to have such great families to share the holidays with!!

Anonymous said...

haha, can i tell you how much i love that the cat was eating brownies and burning its fur on a candle? that is AWESOME. these pictures are all so amazing. you guys are seriously the cutest couple i have ever seen. Grant's family all seems so awesome and so much fun! i bet you guys had a blast! we need to play. we miss you guys :(

Michael & Mindy said...

you guys are just way cute. i love this post. what a fun thanksgiving!

Jake and Jenna said...

what a good update. you're so good about putting photos up and everything. i suck at it, but you're inspiring me. was it weird to see grant's brother clean-shaven?? looks like you guys had a fabulous holiday. LET'S PLEASE HANG OUT. i'm not kidding.

Rachel Leigh said...

It looks so pretty there! That is so funny about the cat! What cat does that?

The Young Family Inc. said...

LOVE the happiness!

I forgot your email- I have to go private. Email me.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

opps, i thought i commented on this cute post, sorry.

i LOVE all these fun pics! love em!
holy continental divide hike?! wow! that is amazing! and the cat? hahaha!!!!!!!!!! that is so funny!
Grandma Barnes seems so cool! how fun to hear about her life.

Jennifer said...

You take amazing pictures Brittany! It was fun to remember everything that happened for Thanksgiving and to get to see Leisa too.
I love your blog, by the way. I'll have to check out your etsy site.
Love you guys!
~ Jen

Tyler and Jess said...

Britt have you ever noticed how you look just like Lisa? There is a picture of you and Caleb and then a picture of her and you look the exact same.