Thursday, December 31, 2009

graduation dinner

stole the set out the outfits idea from my cute friend shalynna. (she did this adorable post like a year ago that i will never forget, it included setting out her and her husband's outfits for a special day of events. so so cute). i surprised him with dinner at flemings. when i made the reservation online i wrote in the comments that it was for a celebration dinner for his recent graduation. as soon as we sat down our waiter was asking who it was that graduated, it surprised grant and i thought it was so cool. throughout our dinner the waiter kept saying things to him about his graduation and in the end, when we ate our dessert, he even put a little candle on our plate. when he brought us our check, he also brought grant a little box of flemings truffles, and congratulated him for a millionth time. we loved it. then we went to this ridiculously overpriced store and splurged a bit. it was a fabulous night.

5 sweet thoughts:

trudy...{and jamo} said...

LOVE your outfits. love granty's flower, LOVE your blouse & shoes.

that is so cute that the waiter knew it was a graduation dinner.

how fun!!!!!!!!!

how cute is that sign? love it!

David and Shalynna said...

Thanks for the shout out. Since we've talked about the "copy cat theory" together I think it's so cute that you give credit to other people fir the little things.

So I had no idea Grant graduated! How exciting. Don't move away yet. I'm not sure if I could handle my two newest friends leaving at the same time. Should we plan a trip for you, Grant, David and I to the Caribbean to see Abby and co.?

Michael & Mindy said...

This sounds so fun. But that is not my reason for commenting right now...

Ummm...did I miss some sort of announcement from either you or Trudy? I saw her blog today. I was freaking out. Then I saw your comments. Also freaking out. Not sure what's going on, but DYING to know! I know, I am so nosy and annoying, but I'm going crazy!!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

what a day, huh?

i can't get over how cute these little boys are:
they are SO cute!

Nick Fox said...

ok, you are the cutest EVER! what a perfect suprise. love the outfits! i really need to go and eat at flemings...maybe valentines day? :) did you guys get a new camera? all of these pictures are so gorgeous!!!

ps. this is kaysi...i must be logged in on my husbands blog account. ha