Sunday, December 27, 2009

dia de navidad

this year we spent christmas with my family. christmas day we went sledding and tubing at rock canyon park. it was a blast. especially watching my parents. my mom had no fear and my dad did (with reason, soldier's hollow is a better choice for those who are afraid to go very fast... especially off bumps) (the rock canyon bowl is pretty much straight ice).  my poor brother spencer went off quite the jump and flew very high and separated with his tube. he landed on his tailbone and couldn't get up for at least ten minutes. it was only twenty minutes later when we saw another kid go off the same one and land on his head. i've never seen someone hit so hard. it's basically like landing on cement. we were happy that our spencer was not the one to get knocked unconscious. we contacted 911 and watched paramedics load him on a stretcher. anyway besides that, it really was so fun. i was able to sport one of my christmas presents from grant. he surprised me with exactly what i wanted. and have been wanting forEVER! grant and i were so excited to exchange our gifts this year, more than years past. giving really can be so much fun. i sort of enjoyed being completely honest with different sales associates that helped me out at the army navy store (it reaks in there. BY THE WAY) and lowe's. i admitted to both that i knew absolutely nothing about what i was there to get. i felt like the men helping me out with finding the perfect steel amo case and amazing wrench set..... thought i was the coolest wife ever. but grant is the coolest husband ever because i've been smelling pretty fabulous lately. we had a beautiful christmas. my parents just spoiled us to death, as usual. grant and i are looking forward to making some pretty cool new year's resolutions. i have been so busy with flowers, work and appointments that i'm amazingly starting to feel very motivated. which reminds me of something grant always says- "moving makes you motivated". i'm considering making a bucket list, however i'm pretty scared to write things down on paper because then i know i'll have to do them. going sky diving is just killing me slowly. i don't wanna go but i do!

p.s. had to wear my little brother's snow pants... so no i don't wear my snow pants that high.

5 sweet thoughts:

Sophia said...

I my gosh you got those Hunter boots!!!
love them:)
I'm glad your holidays were great.
lets play soon.

{Layla} said...

You are so fashionable pretty lady, even when you are sledding. How lovely! I want one of your cute flowers-yes, yes, I do!

lehi + sasha said...

YOU GOT HUNTERS! they look soo sooo pretty. YOU look so so pretty in them.

lehi got me some brown ones, but i'm still wanting the gray ones! decisions. decisions....

Anonymous said...

we need to all go sledding! that looks like so much fun! although after hearing what happened to that one kid, it kinda freaks me out! anyway, thanks for having us over! we had a blast, and you guys are awesome. sorry if we kept you up so late! i liked our talks though :) those are the kinda that are worth staying up late for. anyway, i was going to tell you something... what was it..

oh YES. so i had a dream about you. and it kinda was sad because remember how you told me about the dream that you had and how you told me and sean something? yeah, it was odd but it had to do with that..and more than anything i think it is just crazy that i dreamed about it too..anyway.. i'll have to tell you in person. hope you have a great day!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

yay for juicy!

you look ADORABLE in your sledding gear. so cute. oh so cute. i love all the cute pics of your fam!
that is scary a kid landed on his head, good thing spencer didn't land on his head.
what a fun thing to do as a family!

what is the blog about the little pig?
and how much vinegar do you put when you wash old clothes? gram gave me some old stuff that reeks. and i washed it. but they smell like OLD PEOPLE. yuck. ewh.

i am SO excited to give you your christmas present! you are going to LOVE it! thank you for the soap-it smells SO good, jamo is in love with it. fyi. thank you!