Thursday, November 5, 2009

cash cab

a show that really is causing some serious frustration in our marriage. well at least on my side. first off grant is obsessed with cash cab. i mean, i really think it's his life goal to go to new york and find ben bailey. so every time it's on he is not only yelling out every answer (who is he?) but i've heard him sing the words "red light challenge" way too many times. i hate these shows. why? because i am just horrible at anything to do with trivia. some of my friends LOVE jeopardy and they know all the answers when i watch it with them and its so annoying. if you give grant any little tid bit of info, some stat about how many hippos there are in the world, he will remember the answer for the rest of his life. and see i just don't really care about that kind of stuff. i mean i don't even remember the capitals anymore. (as i type this, cash cab is on because yes grant set a series recording for it, right now he is yelling--- "sword, the answer is sword you idiots!"). SO this is what happens every time he turns it on, ben bailey will ask some stupid question and grant will think its really easy and that i will totally know the answer. so then he rewinds it and makes me listen to the question, then he pauses it and won't push play until i come up with the answer. ya i know, and its usually when i'm totally busy blogging or something. tonight this was the question for me "similar to autopilot for cars, what speed limiting device debuted on the Chrysler Imperial" and then i yelled out "cruise control!!!!!" and it was right! aren't i so cool?! i knew an answer. had to tell someone.

p.s. also grant says the answer is always in the question.
but that doesn't even make sense.

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Sophia said...

"sword, you idiots!" was my favorite part:) and I HATE trivia too. Unless it's the friends trivia game or Disney I don't win.
PS I am calling you in the morning. It is technically morning now but Edens 5:00 feeding time hardly counts as a time when any human should be awake.

Anonymous said...

haha this made me laugh so hard! you are hilarious. i feel like i was there. i would have done the same thing. this reminds me of sean when he plays x box or something. he will be like "did you see that? chloe? did you see that?" and i am like "shut up! i am blogging or eating a cookie!" anyway, i tried watching that show once but i felt really stupid. i didn't know anything. i bet sean would like that show. him and grant should watch it together and we can talk and blog. and we can bring mindy and michael and then the guys can play football on xbox. anyway, just some thoughts. also, congrats on getting cruise control right! and thanks for sharing this, it really made me laugh and was a great start to my morning!

trudy...{and jamo} said...

ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
we LOVE cash cab! we searched the whole time we were in new york. wanna know what drives me crazy? when people get in the cash cab and they have no idea what cash cab is and are totally clueless. i get so frustrated because i wanted to be on it soooooooo bad and then there are losers who don't even care, and they get on it! oh well.
jamo remembers WEIRD things, too. like really weird things and it makes him seem really smart.

good job! cruise control. awesome.

Kyle and Nicky said...

Oh my goodness, we love Cash Cab. I think that is the only reason that Kyle wants to go to NYC ever. He is obsessed with trivia shows, especially jeopardy!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I LOVE CASH CAB! When my love and i went to NYC, thats all he could think about lol

David and Shalynna said...

That is too funny. My dad is obsessed with Cash Cab. When we were in New York this past summer he literally thought about who he would take in the cab with him. Haha.

I don't hate the show, but I definitely think it's soooooo fake. I do not believe for one second that those people get in the taxi and honestly think they are in a normal cab. They "act" all surprised when they see the host, but that just would not happen. It's all staged. Plus, they would probably have to sign papers and all that before participating.

The Hopkins said...

hahahaha so funny :) Good job on getting it right!!! I really do like trivia games cause I like to see if I know the answers... but then I feel bad when I don't and Preston knows all of them! I hate playing trivia games with him. Remember our conversation about history at your house??? That's why I don't like playing with Preston haha, probably similar to you and Grant :)
Good job on getting your Etsy started!!! That's awesome. I love dejunking and getting rid of un-needed STUFF. And your pillows are so cute!

grant + brittany said...

Shalynna is wrong.

David and Shalynna said...


Your husband is funny. We just saw him on campus. You should come on campus just so we can all hang out and eat fruit leathers together!

Michael & Mindy said...

This totally cracked me up. I hate those shows because I always think I know the answer and I NEVER do. I'm always wrong.

But I like Chloe's idea. Very good indeed.

Jake and Jenna said...

WE USED TO WATCH CASH CAB ALL OF THE TIME. we loved it. except i knew no answers, and jake did. i totally feel your pain. i think it's really funny, grant, that you rewind, make brittany listen to the question, pause it, and wait for her answer. this seems very familiar to me because every jake has an opportunity to teach me math (and i HATE math), he seems to press the pause button on our lives, look me straight in the eye, make up some math equation that is relevant to whatever we're trying to figure out, and he won't press the play button UNTIL i figure it out. what is with you people?? but i think ben bailey is hilarious. and brittany, i think you're smart. you are really good at wits and wagers, so screw cash cab.

Maddie said...

ooh lovin the new layout! :) brittany, i'm so ready to plan out and schedule a shoot with you and your husband (if you're still interested)! i have a few crazy, awesome ideas that i think you two would be perfect for. please email me if you're interested!

thanks! <3