Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a bit inside my heart and mind.

we decided from the beginning that we always wanted to "be sweet to each other". a common phrase that we remind each other of A LOT. to have a good marriage, we have learned that you really just have to remember constantly what your goal is and what kind of marriage you want to have. sometimes it is hard to always act the way you want, but that is why i'm so happy that each of us has that moment of choice. our moment where we can really decide how we want to react to certain situations. i can act immaturely and selfishly and that will get me to point A or i can smile and just say i love you and that will get me closer to point B. i'm also extremely grateful for the atonement in my life. it has helped me so much in the last two weeks. brought me a joy that has been missing, given me just a little more hope when i've been desperate for it. last night i was watching this clip and oh my gosh i just can't explain the burning feeling i had. the prophets voices were so comforting. almost overwhelmingly comforting. i'm so grateful for grant in my life. i love that we are growing to become a little more like each other. cause i just want him to think like me. just kidding. no but really. i mean girls brains are way easy to understand. right?

10 sweet thoughts:

Jake and Jenna said...

i love grant and brittany. i remember seeing that suit awhile ago on your tumblr, but i was just browsing around etsy and found it again the other day. i really love it.

ChloƩ said...

aww. i love this post! you guys are so adorable. and i just picture your children having the most beautiful amazing teeth. seriously. you guys should be on an aquafresh commercial or something! but i really like what you had to say in this post. i have been feeling a lot of this lately. i will have to check out that clip when i get home. oh and girls brains are WAY easy to understand. i mean, guys are the confusing ones. right?

Sophia said...

Brittney this post was so inspiring to me! I love your thoughts on this.
You are amazing.
I definatly think we need craft day part two cause part one was a little crazy.
I am hoping that even though last get together was crazy you still want to be friends.

grant + brittany said...

You are an amazing person.
So sweet.
I love you.
-Your Husband

Anna said...

thanks so much brittany for this post. yesterday was one of those days kyle & i were having a hard time 'being sweet' to eachother. and it was our anniversary. :( i wish so badly i could go back and replay yesterday after reading your post and watching that clip. thanks for the inspiration to keep going and for allowing me to see that our father in heaven sees me for who i am becoming - and not for who i am at this very moment. xoxoxo

trudy...{and jamo} said...

let me tell you something funny:
yesterday jamo was annoying me like no other and i thought to myself..."well, grant & britt are always sweet to each other, so i should try not to get so annoyed."

what a perfect post. i love that clip, it was just wonderful. thank you.

So, i checked out bijo, LOVE IT! and then i saw on jenna blog you're a big deal with it. awesome! you're pretty much famous.

David and Shalynna said...

I need to watch that video. I tried to download it for family night on Monday, but the internet connection was terrible so it didn't work.

You two are a cute couple. :)

We ♥ Life said...

Marriage is the most rewarding thing ever, but sure does require constant work to improve and become better! And I too am so grateful for the atonement cause there are many times I have chosen to go to point A instead of point B.
I agree, girls brains make WAY more sense. serious :)

Jake and Jenna said...

just put a song on my tumblr. i think you'd really like it-- it's been on repeat all day for me. love you.

Michael & Mindy said...

Thank you SO much for posting that video. I so needed it today.