Thursday, October 23, 2008

wardrobe styling services.

Figure Assessment- $45
Together we discover what body type you have and what your variations are. You learn about what clothing styles that flatter your pretty figure and which ones don't. By knowing what your body type is and being aware of your variations, you will know what styles to look for when shopping. This service is fundamental; the basis of all other services.

Wardrobe Evaluations- $90
Receive the wardrobe evaluations to determine what stays and what goes. I will evaluate your wardrobe to determine what styles fit and flatter you and which ones don't. I'll let you know what pieces you can alter or style differently to get more wear. I will organize and sort through your wardrobe to determine what's needed for all the roles in your life. I want you to be able to feel GOOD when you look in your closet, feeling refreshed because you know everything in it works great for you. There should be a harmony between the pretty person that you are and the clothes you see in your closet. You will receive a personal shopping list to help you budget and plan your wardrobe purchases. (Includes Figure Assessment)

Wardrobe Styling- $200
You'll receive a Figure Assessment, Wardrobe Evaluation & Personal Styling session. After we determine your body type, sort through your wardrobe for best styles and fit, we'll create fabulous outfits for you to wear and store them in your very own personal style portfolio for easy reference. This way you can use your style portfolio to refer to whenever you want. Whether it is for a big event, pack for a trip, if you are looking to start a new wardrobe or build an existing one, I will be able to help you look your prettiest every day!

Styling Lessons- $50/hr
A one on one session where you can learn how to re-create your best look and style with your own pretty wardrobe. Let's save some cash for you and make the most of what you have.

Girlfriend Group Night-
$30 each/ 6 pretty girls minimum
This service is perfect for those of you who even after hours of shopping, feel that you have nothing to wear. We have fun learning great styling tips, high-end looks at low-end budgets and we even talk about basics that every girl needs. This is a great price for a great value because you'll be learning tips that will help you save your money in the long run.

Personal Shopping- $50/hr
Using the personal shopping service will help you save your time and money for more important things. I will be able to select the right clothing colors, fabrics and styles to fit and flatter you body type and compliment your personal style. Or, if you prefer, we can go together so I can help you make smart purchase decisions. I will even pre-shop the stores to find the items you need to build a stylish and effective wardrobe, giving you a competitive image advantage. A two hour minimum is required.

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my name is lauren. said...

this is so cool! wish i lived closer so you could style me!

Tatum said...

How can I get a cute button link to your awesome style blog?