Friday, October 16, 2009

friday favorites

i really wanted this. found here

check out these celebrity hairstyles. is drew barrymore serious?

jack really does know best.

grant subscribed to these on his phone. and i think everyone should! they are great.

this has to be every mommies worst nightmare.
absolute miracle. thanks for sharing chloe!

watched this the other night and it was fascinating. we didn't even see the other bird!

yummy yummy apple dip.

it's that time for a good closet clean up. here are helpful tips. i love real simple.

i love how clever and creative people are. perfect holiday gift for a neighbor!

i love her pictures. i love when a photographer can capture real life in photos.
read her philosophy here.

i'm also so touched by this family film she helped with. i really love it a lot.
a lot a lot.

new goal. starting today....

3 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

that is a great goal..i really need to do all of those things! crazy about that baby eh?? i can't believe it was okay. seriously.

and what was Drew Barrymore thinking? Skunk hair? blah.

also, i love tara whitney! she is amazing.

see you tonight!!

Maddie said...

brittany, i stalk your blog sometimes, and you are adorable :)
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

haha, i thought of you actually when i answered that. then i realized i pretty much lied. i really cry all the time. but my mom and grandma would probably call me up if they saw that and be like "OMG what is wrong?!?"
...hahaha... don't worry. i cried watching definitely maybe the other night. we are still twin souls :) i mean that in a non-creepy way. seriously.