Monday, September 28, 2009

"everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor, just like a circus"

so this dapper young man took me to the circus friday night. most fun we've had in a while. he is just so perfect for me and always has the best ideas. when we make little kiddies, we will for sure be taking them. we also had a fabulous time with these two and those two. the tigers scared me, the dogs were hilarious and the elephants were just adorable.

p.s. here are some human cannonballs.
i swear that's gotta hurt right?

4 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

haha, i love that video! we had such a blast with you guys. Sean felt kind of bad because he had a hard time hearing in The Pie, and he didn't want you guys to think he was antisocial. We will for sure have to play again.

i am glad you guys liked that picture of Sean. i was eating lunch with my mom, sister, and friend, and he just walked in to CPK with that blinding green shirt on. then he insisted he sit in one of the high chairs from the bar. it was quite the sight :)

Anonymous said...

i know, it seems like we are always on at the same time! did you really go clean the kitchen? cuz i probably wouldn't have..haha.

David and Shalynna said...

That was soooo fun. We both agree that we like doing things with you guys because Friday was fun and yesterday was fun too. We'll plan something next. It might not be as exciting as the circus, but it will involve good food and treats.

Ashley said...

I took Kayson to the Circus Friday night too!!! Such a good time.