Wednesday, August 19, 2009


a friend of mine (who really has such an adorable family, super cute blog and great style) introduced tumblr to me a while back. it really has been my favorite thing to do online for a couple months now. just a place for you to store all you favorite pictures, quotes, ideas and more. i've become so obsessed that i even created TWO. mainly because i wanted one purely for all my fashion inspiration. the other for home decor (or basically anything that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside). its fun to find other tumblr's with things i love too, because then i don't feel weird if i want to post it on mine, i just simply reblog or "heart" their photos which let's them know i'm a fan. confusing? hope not. i think it's such a great idea because you can learn more about yourself.

my everything tumblr- pretty introspection
my fashion tumblr- fancy girl

3 sweet thoughts:

Cassie and Doug Hansen said...

ok here is the deal! you just opened up a whole new door for me of time wasting ability and for that, I thank you! What a great way to save and journal all your ideas for future home decorations, outfits, recipes, etc...I have just been writing them down or printing them out and then I end up throwing them away or loosing them and this fixes everything! I love it. Can't wait to get started...I will probably have more then a few questions though...hopefully not for your sake. Love ya!

Grant + Brittany said...

well.... i have no problem running over there and giving you a tutorial... i am obsessed and would love to help! because yes it really does solve everything!

abby said...

you are so sweet. and tumblr really is the greatest. i wish everyone would be into that instead of twitter. my email is


also, did you know that kaleidoscope is totally kaput? i stopped by riverwoods the other day and it was completely empty. kind of sad.