Tuesday, July 7, 2009


this is exactly how i feel about my husband. i love him so much. he works so hard. every single day. he never complains and he stays positive. he is my hero and i want to be just like him. sometimes i just can't believe we are married. he makes me smile every day. i feel so lucky all the time. i just want to be the best i can for him. i want to make him so happy. i am so absorbed in him. dependent on him. devoted to him. attached, obsessed, in love.

these are the words to "my future husband song".
this song is so special in our house.

Laugh and cry
Live and die
Life is a dream we are dreaming

Day by day
I find my way
Look for the soul and the meaning

Then you look at me
And I always see
What I have been searching for
I'm lost as can be
Then you look at me
And I am not lost anymore

People run
Sun to sun
Caught in their lives ever flowing
Once begun
Life goes till it's gone
We have to go where it's going

And you say you see
When you look at me
The reason you love life so
Though lost I have been
I find love again
And life just keeps on running
And life just keeps on running
You look at me and life comes

6 sweet thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You guys are the cutest couple ever. I just watched the notebook for the millionth time the other day! I'm the same way about sean! It's crazy how attached you can become to someone. I love it!

Joseph and Katie said...

too cute! you guys are awesome.

trudy...{and jamo} said...


i love that you are so in love with granty poo. i am so thankful he found you.

it was great to see you! i am excited for you to come home and we can catch up...and you can tell me if all my new clothes are complimentary to my bod!

Grant + Brittany said...

i read this over and over and i'm like WOW i am cheeeeesy. but i don't care. i'm just being honest.

paige and jord said...

so precious. im obsessed with that song as well!

KellyB said...

cute. Isnt marriage the best (when done the right way that is ;) we LOVE that song too! I sang it for Rog at some Valentines thing before we were married so it has a special place in my heart. Thanks for the reminder of how wonderful can be and should be.