Thursday, June 4, 2009

it was just so lovely

so pretty much i miss jess. we had such a great time. we did lots. busch gardens, orlando temple, kayaking, shopping, swimming, everything. these are the highlights of the trip- trying on fake baby bumps and jess touching a manatee (coolest thing EVER!!!).

jessie has the only ligit belly. ha. (on the left)
but we were really having the time of our lives.

oh publix. i live at publix. its my favorite place right now. really.
peach mango passion sherbet, yummiest snack for pool time.

we went kayaking at the wekiwa state park, just ya know kayaking with the alligators. such a rush. seeing a couple of them just swimming right towards us- ya freaky. this little turtle was just holding this funny position forever. so funny.

so we saw a manatee and jess really wanted to touch it. 

it would surface to the top every once in a while but we could never get close enough, finally the second we decided to leave, it popped right up and hit jess's kayak!! and then she got to touch it! oh it was the coolest thing ever.

9 sweet thoughts:

Zach and Katie Hillstead said...
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Jake and Jenna said...

what a fabulous post. i sincerely wish that jess lived here. DID YOU READ THAT JESS?? love you brit.

trudy...{and jamo} said...

oh wow! so much FUN! manatees, (which i love, in 4th grade they were my favorite animal. i even know a song about them.)temple, ice cream, baby bumps! You two look adorable in every picture! I'm so glad it was such a good trip!

Reimstar said...

Yes it was such a lovely week! I will love Jess forever for doing us such a huge "favor!" Plus it was a blast just having her here. She is is so great, its all in a name ;) Miss her already!

Reimstar said...

P.s I'm totally craving that sherbet right now~mmmm!

kels&murr said...

britt you are so beautiful! it looks like you and jess had a great time!

Sophia said...

It looks like you two had fun! When I first met Jess at your house she was so awesome and gave such great advice. I can see why you guys have been friends for so long.
I seriously want some of that ice cream now. My favorite is Bryers Peach Ice Cream so that sherbet is right up my ally.

Elise and John said...

looks like tons of fuN! And you look super cute prego ;) Love the underwater pictures, too fun.

Beckie said...

Is it just me or
1. Do you look super freaking cute with a prego belly?
2. Jess is looking amazing?!?!