Sunday, April 12, 2009

welcome home elder jones


9 sweet thoughts:

Jake and Jenna said...

this is the sweetest video ever. good job making it my love!

Jessica Leigh said...

Cried once again! I'm so happy he is home. He is just so dang cute!!

Tiffany said...

Brittany, I love your blog. I saw your name on Sophie's blog and had to take a look.

What a great video for your little brother for his homecoming.

I have to tell you, you and grant are the most adorable couple, seriously! Whenever I see you guys you always look so happy to be together! It's so sweet!

I still want to have you guys over for dinner sometime. Especially since you're leaving soon. I feel bad because I've wanted to get to know you better for so long, and I've just been lazy about it... darn it. So anyway, send me an email and let me know if there's any day that you guys have free in the next week or so.
(I'll send you an invite to my blog too if you'd like)

Rachel Leigh said...

Yay for him! Happy Birthday today! Hope you have a good day!

Jess and Matt said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have something awesome planned, and that you get spoiled rotten! (did you delete your facebook? I was going to wish you well there but it was gone. I was going to call you and don't even have your, I hope you get this!)

Dave said...

That's so exciting your brother is home. I tried to wish you happy b-day on facebook but I couldn't find your account, so I decided to come to your blog. I just wanted to say hi and wish you a happy birthday! i hope that life is going well for you :)
-Amy Stoddard

reimstar said...

Oh that made me soo happy! I love missionaries!

Caleb, Tash and Krew said...


Hey! I found your blog through Shawnee's and I thought we could be friends! I finally set up a blog. If you want to see it its I can't believe Adam isn't your favorite! He does so good every week! Mad world was amazing though!


The Browns said...

wow, i am impressed with your video britt. and i am so excited for you that your brother is home. that is such a fun time. what day are you guys leaving for Florida?? i cannot believe it is coming so quickly. hope you and granty poo are doing good!! miss you