Sunday, March 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

1. i have very curly hair. not medium curls. not large curls. very little ones.

2. i love bread. breadsticks. croissants. rolls. oohh and cake. i love cake.

3. i am always stressed out about being a good big sister. 

4. i hate talking on the phone.

5. i am the biggest daddy's girl. i love everything that he says. 

6. i don't like my hair blowing in the wind.

7. i am an impatient person. I rush through everything. I married a patient person, very very thorough in everything he does. It's actually a great balance.

8. i can play the piano, flute and oboe. I never play any of them and whenever I hear any one of them, it makes me sad. 

9. i took spanish immersion; in elementary i learned most subjects in spanish. i took it in junior high and then in college. i HATE that I cannot speak it very well and have forgotten so much.

10. i love self help books.

11. i laughed harder in Kung Fu Panda than I have in a really long time.

12. i love to cook.

13. i have a large scar right under my bottom lip from a horrible cheer practice where my bottom teeth bit through my lip and met my top teeth. hopefully that makes sense.

14. i am addicted to ice cold water.

15. i love meryl streep. to me she is the epitome of innate capability.

16. i love sea world. i would love to work with Shamu.

17. i hate being cold more than anything in the entire world.

18. every sunday my family watches reality tv together. have for years. favorite past time. 

19. i am a very introspective person. 

20. i want to be a hippie. i want to be anti everything sometimes. live in the woods, no electricity, no makeup, grow my hair out, and just be ALL ABOUT PEACE. and i don't mean world peace, i mean peace with myself.

21. i love flea markets.

22. i don't want to live in utah.

23. i love my church and what it teaches.

24. i am an extremist. when i love something i LOVE it. when i hate something i HATE it. like i'm either sweltering or freezing. elated or pissed off. exhausted or bouncing off the walls. 

25. i can't wait to dress my kids.  

8 sweet thoughts:

trudy...{and jamo} said...

cute britt! I must say you are a wonderful big sister! WONDERFUL! I totally feel the same way about playing the flute. sad.
#20 is my fav!

The Young Family Inc. said...

Way cute. Glad I got to know a little more about you before the Orlando immersion program. :)I am so glad you are going. Jenna adores you, so that means I already adore you.

Jake and Jenna said...

because of these random 25 things, you are one of my favorite people in the world. thanks for calling me last night--i was sitting right next to my phone, but for some reason i didn't hear it ring. i think i was really into iron chef. i'll call you today. love you.

Jessica Leigh said...

I feel some serious pressure to write something amazing because of our talk last night and because of your comment on my blog (thank you for that; perfect thing to wake up to!). This is what is in my heart: #1 I will always be jealous of your curly hair. #2 Of course there is a comment about bread! #3 You are the GREATEST sister I have ever seen, you're brothers are so LUCKY to have you! #4 Sorry all we do is talk on the phone, didn't even know you didn't like it. #5 Yahoo for dads! #6 Comments like this just crack me up because I know how much you honestly hate it. #7 You and Grant are the perfect balance is SOOO many ways it is incredible to watch! #8 You are so talented. I think everyone in the world should know you play 3 instruments, even if you don't like saying it. Come on THREE is a lot!! #9 Along with the music this is so awesome. Another one of your hidden talents. You are way further along then most people. #10 Amen sister! #11 Still have not seen this, we should watch it together. #12 You rock at cooking. Thank you for letting me eat so much of your food. #13 That made perfect sense and I threw up a little. #14 Everyone should note: it's not cold water she likes, it's ICE cold water. #15 We have such similar taste. She is my favorite. Have you seen Death Becomes Her? We have to watch that. Maybe after Kunfu Panda?! #16 THIS IS JUST ANOTHER REASON WHY YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!! I can't wait to see him this summer. I want to kiss him so badly! When we are old and retired we should work at Sea World! #17 Again love this comment because I can see your face while you were writing it, just so ticked off. #18 I love the Jones Family. That is the best tradition. I love going downstairs and seeing your family all cuddled up on the couch...even a Grandma or two! #19 YES YOU ARE! THAT IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU! *never ever change* #20 I can see why this would be the perfect thing for you and the worst thing for you. Perfect because you would be so happy. Worst because you love your hair and make-up and clothes and modern conveniences. #21 Ditto. Especially when I'm with you cause you find the best things. #22 Ditto again. Please don't let me end up in Utah! #23 Where would we be without the church? #24 HAHAHA!! So true! Just think of the bread, cake, wind, cold comments! #25 Your kids are going to be the dang cutest things around. Just know that you will probably be dressing my children too.
I'm adding a #26 Britt Barnes is the best friend a girl could ask for!
This comment is way too long. I love this post. I love you!!

Elise and John said...

So i never knew you had curly hair! Do you straighten it everyday?

Grant + Brittany said...

ha. um ya well i blow dry it. :)

Grant + Brittany said...

...this post could be titled, "Just a Few of the Reasons Grant Loves Brittany"!

Sophia said...

This post explains why we made friends quickly.
Um.. I saw a shirt once that said "I love carbs", this was during that whole Atkins craze, I seriously considered buying it. I LoVe bread. And that is only the least of what we have in common.

PS-Can we go thrifting again soon??

PPS-last night was Hilarious!
What are we going to do this summer with out our friends?