Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Story

So as mentioned before, Celine Dion brought my best friend Jess and I together. You can even read the story here. Through out the years of being friends, I can honestly say that Celine has pulled each of us out of rough times. Her voice is absolutely amazing and brings peace to the soul. I know she can be silly at times (one of my favorite clips, you are dumb if you don't watch it)(and what about larry just asking her to sing right then and there?UGH but of course she is amazing), but I mean, I can't even put her music on my blog playlist because I can't stand the thought of someone coming to blog, hearing a song of hers... and thinking "oh she must like Celine" NO. I don't just like Celine.

About two years ago our dream of seeing Celine Live in Vegas was about to come true. My parents surprised the two of us with tickets and we couldn't wait. We were ecstatic. The four of us drove for six hours. We spent the next day shopping and even bought new outfits. As the hours went by, we could not even believe what we were about to see. I can't explain the excitement. And when we walked into Caesars Palace... our hearts were pumping out of control. Before the show started, we listened to all the fun information about no flash photography blah blah, there would be not intermission etc. It was explained that if you needed to leave the show for any reason, you could not be guaranteed back in. In other words we would pee our pants before we risked that.

Please don't judge my ridiculous eyebrows. Aren't we just glowing???

The show started out with a small silhouette walking down some stairs while the song "A New Day Has Come" started to play. At this point, nobody was yelling/screaming, nobody except for Jess. And then, all of the sudden there she was. On stage. In the same room as us. It was absolutely surreal. You can see it here (one of my favorites, the slow version is so much better than the fast version that plays on the radio). As she continued to sing, Jess whispered to me- "Britt, I don't feel well", being immediately annoyed that she could honestly be focusing on her stomach instead of Celine, I did not respond. Looking back on the situation now, I realize that Jess was so overwhelmed by the realization of her lifelong dream... she began to feel a little queasy. By the second song, she was whispering to me again, except this time she was saying that she needed to leave to go to the bathroom. I couldn't believe my ears. "How is this honestly happening?" I thought. She then got up and left. Not knowing when she would ever return, I sat there in complete shock. NOT being able to think about the show. I eventually got up and left. (oh my gosh I am leaving so many details out and its annoying) I found her in the bathroom barfing for the second time, (the first time, sadly, was all over the carpet just outside the theatre). While Celine was just singing away, we spent the rest of the night in the bathroom*. It was puke, wash, rinse, repeat. Our dream was shattered.

*I saw a little bit more of the show, I mean I didn't miss the entire thing. 
But lets just say I couldn't really enjoy any of it. 
There were a couple of times were Jess would send me back in
 because there wasn't anything I could do

When we returned home, it was as though everyone in the entire world knew we had just gone to see the show and I can't even remember how many times we had to tell this dreaded story. Luckily two years later Celine announced a tour date in Utah. You better believe that Jess spent the night, in her car in the Albertson's parking lot the night before the tickets went on sale. I met her early the next morning and we were first in line to buy tickets ONE whole year in advance. Unfortunately 4 days prior to the show Celine had to reschedule for 3 months later. You can imagine how Jess (and me!) feels, its as if the world is against her seeing Celine. But we shall wait and see, the concert happens to now be 5 days away. Please pray for us.

7 sweet thoughts:

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

wow. i had no idea that happened, but i am laughing so hard! i am so happy you guys get to go see her again! I will pray for you!

oh man!

Jessica said...

Ohh my gosh! I cannot wait! I will be praying for you and Jess though!

abby said...

i hope all your celine dreams come true. "falling into you" was the first cd i ever bought and i loved it.

kaysi and nick fox said...

haha. you're so funny!! so my mom and dad, grandma and all of the aunts and uncles went to see her in october in sacramento. my mom hasnt really listened to too much of her music(which is kinda depressing because shes amazing) but she is officially hooked!! she said it was incredible!!! im so jealous youre going!!!

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

oh my!!!!! i was laughing sooooooooooo hard at your comment! I love you! I am totally down with going, we just have to convince Jamo! ha ha!

let's get together for sure! I don't work mon p.m. or thurs p.m or we could do fri/sat too!

please read this:
I am so bugged.

have you heard the new TI and justin timberlake song?! I totally thought of you when jamo put it on my blog playlist. It ROCKS!

i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paige and jord said...

that seriously is such a tragic story... but guess what?!?! IM GOING TOO! maybe i'll see you there! im seriously shaking, im so excited!
(better luck this year... :)

Nate and Bre said...

So..... How was it?????