Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm it.

I have been tagged twice! So I'm going to do this one first...........
3 Joys: 
1) Grant Raymond Barnes.
2) Old movies. 
3) Vogue.

3 Current Goals: 
1) Read my scriptures everyday. 
2) Finish my portfolio.
3) Work out at least three times a week.

3 Current Obsessions
1) Grant's church wardrobe.
2) Brainstorming decorating ideas. I'm giving our apartment a makeover when we get home.
3) The Olympics & Project Runway.

3 Fears: 
1) Something happening to Grant. For the first six months of our marriage... I had horrible nightmares.
2) Snakes. I have killed so many garden snakes its sad. Wait.. no its not. NOt sad at all. I hate them so much.
3) Going blind.

3 Random Facts: 
1) I am obsessed with spelling. In sixth grade I was fourth place in the Spelling Bee and I've been bitter about it my whole life. I correct EVERYone's spelling and my friends and family hate it. HATE it. But I really can't help it.
2) I know that I was put on the earth to help women with their self esteem. I want everyone to feel beautiful. Because everyone is. I just became a Certified Wardrobe Stylist.
3) I am bitter at the church for making missions 2 years long. JUST kidding. my brother is on a mission and I really want him to come home. I miss him a lot.

I tag: Grant. Shalynna. Rachel Romney.

7 sweet thoughts:

Jake and Jenna said...

i love you. i just wanted to say it. will you help me and my wardrobe sometime? THANKS, i'm in GREAT need. no so much with buying more things, but more like putting things together and making new outfits. i know you'd be good at that, oh talented one.

Romney Family said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!! it was fun reading your answers to the tag!! It looks like you guys are having a great time in D.C.

David and Shalynna said...

Awwwww, you tagged me. I feel so honored. I feel like we are already friends and we haven't even met yet. :) I'll get around to it soon. So, what are your and Grant's plan for after DC? Back to Provo? Is he liking the whole selling thing? I'm sure he's really good at it. Maybe we'll all be in Provo at the same time (we don't go back until one more year, so you might be gone by then).

kaysi and nick fox said...

k, so i havent even met you brittany but you are officially the cutest girl ever!!! grant is a lucky guy!!! your posts make me laugh so hard!! ps. love the fair pics. great photo opp!! :)

dallin, sarah, and lilly said...

congrats on becoming a certified wardrobe stylist. you always look so cute in your pictures. let me in on your secret. hehe!

Emily and Brett said...

Hey there...I found you "blog hopping" and wanted to say hi. It seems you have been seeing alot of my little sis Heidi these days. I heard you had alot of fun on your trip! She is so excited for Trev to get home. You and Grant are super cute :)

P.S. I tried to make sure I spelled everything correctly?!?!

Rach Romney said...

THANKS for tagging me! I promise I will do it I am just trying to think of a few more answers! Looks like you had a blast at the county fair! You and grant look so cute!