Saturday, August 23, 2008

Absolutely Beautiful

So this last Sunday we drove to Pennsylvania where Grant served his mission. I was so excited to see where he spent two years of his life and he was so excited to show me. Pennsylvania, what a beautiful place. I was so in love with it. Farm land everywhere. I have loved living so close to a big city but at the same time... the people in Pennsylvania seem to have such a peaceful life. Just getting out of the car and staring at all the green fields in perfect straight lines ... horses running... old OLD barns.. and NO noise. We stopped in York and took some pictures after we went to church there. Churches on every corner. Steeples everywhere. Check out this cool parking meter?! The buildings were so awesome and there were some amazing murals as well.

I love roses. Roses on everything would be a perfect world.
So you can imagine my reaction to this little restaurant.

Gettysburg. Wow. I don't even know how to describe it.
It had such an amazing feeling. A respect that you could just hear in the silence.

Bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil.
We couldn't stop thinking about it while we were there.

And last but not least... we ate dinner with the Weinstocks. Such great people. Marty was the Ward Mission Leader while Grant served... they became very very close. They care so much about Grant and keeping in touch is VERY important to them. So the fact that we could go to their house while we were out here was so fun.
I wish they lived in Utah. :)

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Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

That is so neat! I hope to be able to see Peru with Jeff one day. You are so dang cute Brittany! Have a good day!