Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AAA Antiques Mall

As we've said before... Sunday is pretty much our only day to do anything.
So before church, Grant and I headed to the AAA Antiques Mall. I remember my dad telling me a long time ago, "Having the same hobbies will be a great thing for your marriage. It is so fun when you can find someone who enjoys some of the same things that you do (cause you'll be together forever!)". So I can't express how much I love that Grant loves Antiques (probably more than me!) He grew up going to this kind of stuff... and its because of his parents and their love for antiques that our apartment is filled with them! I love to re-use things and make more use out of them. And so does Grant. This is how both Grant and I grew up. My grandma is the woman that sees an old pair of shoes on the road and pulls over to pick them up because she knows she will find someone who can use them. And I love that about her. When my extended family gets together... my aunts, cousins, mom and grandma go yard sale-ing!!! We LOVE it. And if you saw their houses and how they are decorated.. you would be amazed. They look identical to everything you see in the home decor magazines. I have to brag about them because I'm so proud. Anyway  I feel that there is a bit of resourcefulness that comes from this, Grant and I are definitely not people who need things to be brand new. We like the quality of the past versus the quantity of the present.

Grant's sweet mom gave me her hoosier when we first got married. It looks a lot like this----> For anyone who doesn't know.. A hoosier was a storage cabinet for home cook's back in the day. They remained popular from the 1890's through the 1920's. The bottom right drawer is actually a flour bin and that pull out metal tray was the workspace. For rolling out dough etc. Nowadays you see these in antique stores since the original use for them has disappeared. Leisa (Gran'ts mom) used hers in the laundry room. For utility purposes. She kept her sewing machine in it, some drawers were for misplaced socks etc. I love knowing that she used this for years. And now I will.

His parents let us have so many of their beautiful pieces. I think that our bedroom set and our couch are the only things that were bought from a store. This is still in his parents house. My favorite. A princess carrier. 

They were popular in China. The purpose? Exactly its name. Two men would stand on both sides with those handles over their shoulders as they carried the princess(es) around. And then of course there were pillows inside keeping her tush nice and comfy. Can you just imagine how old this is?

Anyway so Grant and I had a very limited time at the Antiques Mall ...only one hour before church and we both were SOOOOOOO overwhelmed. There were more antiques there than anywhere else I had ever seen. The best part was that we BOTH won the door prize drawings! Not that we were in love with our prizes but... we still felt cool.
(Old Deck Ring Toss and that fabulous Christmas Tree Card Holder hahahha)
We left the store with some great finds and most importantly we had a great time together. Hopefully we will be able to find time to go back again because time is running out! We are only in DC for less than a month! :( & :)

We should have been born in the 50's.

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The Bentleys said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those pics are amazing. I LOOOVE antiques!! What a fun store!! We have a few of those here in Tucson. They are like a half hour away but i still need to go on my day off. That princess carrier is INCREDIBLE! Where did they find that!?!? oh my gosh... I love it.

Ps. if you were born in the 50's you probably would love stuff from the 40's and 30's

Granttany said...

I do! :)

Rach Romney said...

Shoppping for antiques is so much fun! that is so great that you have something to share that you both love!!! that's awesome! Looks like your just having a blast! You two are so cute together! Keep livin it up and hope to see ya when you get home!!

Ashley said...

It looks like that hoosier would make for a perfect baby changing table in the future!

Jess and Matt said...

So I totally have a hoosier and LOVE IT! I painted it and use it in Kaden's room. It has a changing station, all his clothes, and everything's my favorite thing in his room. My mom used it for us when we were little! Oh, and you look super hot in the really can pull of anything can't you? Teach me....haha.

Preston & Shawnee said...

Britt, I LOVE this post. And I love all the antiques! I'm SOOO jealous and wish I could have gone to the AAA Antiques Mall too! We should go yard sale-ing sometime when we're back in Utah. Anyway these last two pictures of you and Grant are fabulous! ... I love the cute perfume bottle :)