Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Week with Jess

I have a lot to post about today and a million pictures too. Since this blog is serving as our journal... I don't think I'll be editing much, so hopefully it won't be too boring. I have a feeling that this will be my longest post ever. Jess wanted to see everything she could in DC and that is exactly what we did! She arrived Thursday evening and we began our trip the next day...

The Fourth of July

The day started off with Jess and I heading to the National Mall. This picture is us in front of the World War II Memorial. Bright and sunny, and extremely hot. We were both sweating to death. We wanted to save a spot for us to sit by the reflection pond so we could watch the fireworks over the Washington Monument.

 After a lot of walking and finding a great spot, it started to rain. A lot of our time that day was sitting under an umbrella and trying to stay dry. But we had the chance to visit the Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial whenever it wasn't raining.
Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Memorial
The night was pretty crazy; filled with millions of people. It was so cool to celebrate the fourth in DC, especially on the National Mall. The fireworks were absolutely amazing. It took so long to get home. After walking 7 or 8 blocks to the metro... and then the long line for the metro.... basically if we are ever back in DC for the 4th... we will probably do things a little different.

Fifth of July
On the Metro

Saturday we went to the Eastern Market. Probably one of my favorite places here so far.

 I absolutely love flea markets. You can expect amazing dairy, poultry, meat etc. in the Eastern Market as well as antiques, jewelry and clothes in the flea market. It was so much fun. That night we went to Famous Dave's for dinner and then we saw Hancock. Which by the way... wasn't bad.

Just being best friends. Well, Jess is actually being a model in this picture.

Sixth of July

We made a stop at Rita's (mmmm...) and had some fun with the camera.

Grant has been telling me for two months that he had a fun surprise for me. I could never figure it out and it was so fun that Jess was here for it.... Medieval Times!!! hahaha wow.

 Grant invited a bunch of people in the office and it was fun to experience it all together. It was freaking weird. But I loved it. It definitely made for a interesting, unique, lame but hilarious time.

The Knight that we cheered for was so weird and every time he looked over, I had to look away. Too awkward. He definitely felt like a celebrity with all the guys cheering for him. Also our Knight threw me that pink carnation. yay.

A stop by the temple on the way home... so pretty.
Seventh of July

We did a lot of walking to see as many museums as we could. We saw so many beautiful things. It is just hard to put into words. It would take me forever. We visited the National Archives Museum, National Gallery of Art, Sculpted Gardens, National Aquarium, Museum of Natural History, US Navy Memorial...

Note to self= Always take Dramamine 30-60 before you get one the metro. Not on the metro. :( These are not fake "TRy to look sick!" pictures. I had to cover my eyes so that I couldn't see it pass by. Jess was obviously loving it.

That night the team ate at Texas Roadhouse. They have the yummiest rolls!

Eighth of July

Generally I like to save my tennis shoes for the gym... but after so much walking, flip flops were just not helping. In other words I wore tennis shoes. Yuck. But in the end I am glad we did. Because.... we biked the sites! So much faster and way more fun.
Holocaust Museum. 
(which by the way really puts a damper on the day)

Jefferson Memorial.

Arlington Cemetery and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 
(another favorite!)
Iwo Jima Memorial- Marine Corps War Memorial. 
One of the best. We also were just in time for the Sunset Parade
which was amazing! A must see.

And finally, we finished the night with the White House.
(p.s. we were there at night and it seemed like there was more security guarding it than normal, we couldn't figure out why until.... a helicopter landed right on the grounds... who do you think would be landing there at 9:30 pm...? maybe the President? or maybe he was leaving? I am telling myself it was him. It had to be)

Wow. Yes we did a lot. This took forever. I'm never blogging again.

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Jess and Matt said...

How FUN!!!! I bet Jess had the time of her life! I was actually thinking about you guys, thinking that DC would be the best place for the 4th of July (and the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th!). Looks like a blast and I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with your best buddy!

The Browns said...

That is so fabulous that you got to do all of those things. I really need to take advantage. And I am pretty sure that i need this weekend to come asap. P.S. i miss seeing your cute face at the pool

Dallin & Megan said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO Fun!!!!!!! You guys were BuSy!! I swear, nowhere has more things to see than D.C! What a fun time!

Ashley said...

Yet again, another FUN post!

Rachel Leigh said...

How fun! Looks like you had a great time! My sister was there for the 4th too. Good stuff!

Jake and Jenna said...

what a productive week, my gosh! why don't we get off our lazy a's and do the same thing every once in awhile? ok new goal: the rest of the summer is going to be incredibly productive and we will own this city by the time we leave.

Nate and Bre said...

Thanks for posting so many pictures! Could you guys have had any more fun... well, with the exception of the metro?