Tuesday, June 10, 2008

San Francisco

So beginning of May, we flew to San Francisco for the Final Four of the Collegiate Rugby National Championship. My family (including my sweet grandma) drove out to see Grant play (All the way from UTAH! - what good supporters!)(Grant wrote that). I flew out and stayed with Bre the whole weekend. It was SO MUCH FUN! My family got to spend a day at Pier 39 where they had fun seeing all the street performers, going to shops and taking a drive down Lombard Street.

I spent most of my time just shopping my life away with Bre (family friend of the Barnes, well....pretty much family). I've never met anyone who really could just keep shopping like her and I LOVED IT. We pretty much shopped for four days straight (She also introduced me to my latest obsession...ZARA). We ate ice cream at night and fell asleep watching movies. I had so much fun with her. We talked about anything and everything and really started to realize how alike we are.

One day while the boys (Blake, Luke, Cameron and Mckay) went with my dad and Grant's dad.....The ladies (me, Bre, my mom, grandma) went shopping (hehe) and ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Please notice that I am wearing a BYU shirt.

Meanwhile, Grant was practicing hard with the team. It was so fun to go the games at Stanford. My brothers are so crazy about Luke (Grant's brother), they are always wanting to hang out with him. I think they all had a blast together. I love this picture, even though Luke is kind of smashing Blake's face.

We also got to see some of Grants extended family too. It was so good to see Grandma Barnes and her new best friend. She got the cutest puppy for Christmas!

It was so fun to have all the families together, especially because the day we got back from S.F. we were packing up and heading to DC and won't be seeing any family for awhile!

4 sweet thoughts:

Tessa & Jeff said...

Can I just tell you guys that you are the cutest! That stinks that Grant won't be able to play rugby anymore. I didn't know he played. That's awesome. Keep in touch.
It also sounds like you had so much fun in SF!! Lucky!

Trudy & Jamo Fitt said...

Okay...thank you for looking at my blog and loving all the parade of homes' pic's. (I don't know if i punctuated right! i can never remember. ah!) Anyway, Luke is ADORABLE! How fun! Bre sounds soooo cool! Grant is such a great athlete! I'm so proud! I totally wished we would have came to his games! Jamo would have loved learning about Rugby-it's kind of like a foreign sport to him. ha ha. Love ya!

The Bentleys said...

Brit! How cute! I love all the pics!! You are soo beautiful!!

Nate and Bre said...

yeah, San Francisco trip. I had so much fun that weekend. I miss Zara and I miss you guys.