Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday! April 15

Okay so I wasn’t planning on blogging about this but I was looking through our pictures and…. I have to now because I just really had the best birthday ever this year. It started out with Grant leaving for practice early in the morning. I just kept on sleeping (of course) and didn’t even hear him come back home. Next thing I know… the bedroom door opens and Grant was standing there with a cake (funfetti…my favorite!), singing Happy Birthday to me. I refuse to put the picture up that he took of me in bed but here is this nasty picture with my smiling wake up face (hahaha every time I look at it- I laugh and so does Grant). He led me into the kitchen where he had… made my favorite breakfast! I LOVE CREPES! While eating… he brought out my birthday present. I opened it up (and started crying. I really have issues) and it was the cutest little Nano Ipod I had ever seen. My first Ipod! It was such a great gift and a HUGE surprise.

That day I went to lunch with my mom. I love her very much. We had the yummiest lunch from Wallaby's. (the “smashers” are the best). I have so much fun with my mom, we can talk for hours about nothing. She is just the best. That night my family came over, brought me cupcakes and a birdcage. The birdcage sounds weird but its just for decoration and I love it. The night ended with Grant and I eating at Happy Sumo (WE LOVE SUSHI!) and then coming home and watching a movie.

My birthday continued into the next day with a birthday lunch with a bunch of my girlfriends. (Jenn, Kimmie, Linds, Me, Jess, Ash, Trudy).

Jess (BFF) and I are 5 days apart so we did a combined lunch.It was a blast and so fun to bond with all the girls. My friends are way too generous. Trudy spoiled us with cute little scrapbooks and Linds and Ash gave us perfume and Umbrellas! And not just any umbrella…. A Sarah Jessica Parker Umbrella. Hahahaha so fun!!!

6 sweet thoughts:

this is me... said...

I am glad you had a good birthday! I love funfetti cake too! That is the best cake ever and my personal favorite.

The Bentleys said...

oh how fun!!! I wish I could just "go have lunch with my girls".
Happy late birthday... im glad you were born ;)

Nate and Bre said...

Grant made you crepes??? Nate is offically in trouble. I beg, beg, beg for pancakes all the time, but no dice. I am coming to live with you guys. Got room for my shoes?

Tessa & Jeff said...

Brittany! It is me! (Tessa). I do remember the fun band days!! Boy oh boy! You and your hubby are so cute!! I loved looking at all of your pictures. Yes, I'm a slacker and it takes me a while to update the blog, but we have to keep in touch. Good to "see" you!!

Shalayne and Clayton said...

Happy Late Birthday! If you guys ever make it to AZ we will have to go get sushi together.

Trudy & Jamo Fitt said...

Yay for your cute new post! Love it! that was so fun! How are you doing?!! I need details asap! Love ya!!