Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10 reasons why I feel happy.

i can sew! i sewed pillows (with the help of my mom).

i only live a few minutes away from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

I really like tucking our bedspread in.

Oprah has really been making me laugh lately.

i'm getting excited for christmas.
i'm finally making money. and it feels really good. 

etsy is wonderful.

Celine Dion in less than 4 weeks.

mexican Riviera.... we will soon become best friends.

Granty poo is just still so cute sometimes I can't handle it.

i just love church so much.

4 sweet thoughts:

Elise and John said...

I'm glad you are so happY! Where are you working these days? Are you going to school at all? (sorry, i can't remember)

paige and jord said...

so positive britt! makes me feel bad for the hatred post i just put up about the election. (...oops!) love ya

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

you go girl! I love it! but you forgot to add one thing! Nie is waking up! yay! I am so happy! has that special something(5-7 days) came? I am really excited to hear what he says! you're such a good wifey!

Dallin and Megan said...

I want in on yours and Trudy's inside friend info.! special something????........ I love that you look at all the wonderful and happy things in life!! It's the only way to be :O)